How EA Improves the Quality of IT Investment Decisions

According to literature, enterprise architecture (EA) is supposed to support IT investment decision-making. However, it is not yet clear how EA can do that. Based on data collected in a survey of 142 participants we conducted a comparative analysis between top and bottom quartile organizations on 1) the EA maturity, 2) the use of EA artifacts in the preparation of IT investments, and 3) the key insights that EA provides in preparation of IT investments. The paper is accepted by the Journal of Systems and Software and will be published soon.

Below you’ll find a link to a pre-print.

Van den Berg 2019 How EA Improves the Quality of IT Investment Decisions (preprint)


About Martin van den Berg

In 2013 I started a Ph.D. on the topic of Enterprise Architecture as Management Instrument. Enterprise Architecture is my field of play since 1995. Started as a practioner I'm now recognized as a thought leader and worked in engagements for different large corporates like ING, Rabobank, Shell and ABN AMRO. I worked for Sogeti for a long period, and since 2013 I'm employed at De Nederlandsche Bank (dutch central bank) as an enterprise architect for the supervisory domain. Fortunately my work schedule allows me to do a PhD next to me regular job.
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